Bartender Knowledge + a Recipe For an Apple Cinnamon Old Fashioned

I love chatting with bartenders. They really are so full of handy-dandy knowledge {and secrets, a la Regina George} and information.

I mean, in addition to their job, they talk to all kinds of people from all walks of life. They’re also a pretty kick-ass source for info if you’re traveling to a place that you’ve never been. They tend to know the ins and outs, the hidden gems, and every other cliché bit that one would look for {“Don’t bother with that, go here instead… Oh, you have to try out this spot… Make sure you order this – it’s not on the menu, but they’ll know what you’re talking about.”}.

Sometimes, they’re even willing to share some of the tricks of the trade.

Lucky for me, the awesome folks behind Mason’s Bar at the Loews Vanderbilt in Nashville are particularly accommodating. Especially when asked for the recipe for their Old Fashioned of the Month. Sure, it changes twelve times a year, so they may not be all that attached, but I’m still impressed.

Behold, the fruits of my labour {and by “labour” I mean, I nicely asked for the recipe, and they politely obliged}.

Apple Cinnamon Old Fashioned -  Loews Vanderbilt - Stephanie Arsenault - Global Dish

Apple Cinnamon Old Fashioned -  Loews Vanderbilt - Stephanie Arsenault - Global Dish

Old Fashioned of the Month: Apple Cinnamon
Serves 1

2 oz Bulliet Rye Bourbon
0.5 oz apple-cinnamon simple syrup {see note, below}
2 dashes of Angosturra bitters
2 squeezes of orange

Place a large ice cube in a glass, top with bourbon, syrup, bitters, and orange juice. Stir, and serve.

Note: for the apple-cinnamon simple syrup, make simple syrup as usual, but add some chopped apples and a few cinnamon sticks and let the mixture simmer for a few extra minutes. Strain, and use.