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Wanderlust & Lipstick  // Posts tagged as "Wanderlust & Lipstick"

Going Thai at Food Freeway

This week at Food Freeway, I’m featuring Thailand! This beautiful Southeast Asian country boasts some of the most well-known dishes in the world, and a cuisine that has made a name for itself with flavour combinations that simply cannot be compared to any other. The Recipe of the Week is for Cashew Chicken, Gai Pad […]


New Recipe on Food Freeway: Salady Voankazo

What’s going on at Food Freeway this week? I’m featuring the beautiful African country of Madagascar, and today I’ve got a new recipe for you to try out: Salady Voankazo! It’s a delicious, simple, refreshing fruit salad that is gracefully flavoured with vanilla, an ingredient that the country is famous for. Head on over to the original […]


New on Food Freeway: a Recipe for Bami Goreng from Indonesia

This week’s recipe over at Food Freeway hails from Indonesia. It’s spicy, flavourful noodle dish that uses a variety of ingredients and is ready in minutes. Have you ever been to Indonesia? Are you a fan of their food? Check out the original post for the full recipe…


New Recipe on Food Freeway: Caldo Verde from Portugal

There’s a new recipe up at Food Freeway, and you’re going to love it. Caldo Verde, a typical recipe from Portugal, is a delicious, easy soup that uses onions, potatoes, chorizo, kale, and a handful of other tasty ingredients. Head over to Wanderlust & Lipstick and check it out!


New on Food Freeway: the Cuisine of Portugal

This week over at Wanderlust and Lipstick, Food Freeway explores the cuisine of Portugal. It’s hearty, colourful, and full of flavour. Have you ever been to Portugal? Coming up on Wednesday, there’ll be an authentic Portuguese recipe featured – do you have a favourite dish? I’d love to hear about it! Check out the full […]


Recipe of the Week from Greenland – New on Food Freeway

This week’s recipe on Food Freeway hails from Greenland, and though it doesn’t boast the traditional whale blubber or seal meat, it’s still a tasty dish. Try this recipe for Summer Casserole with Halibut tonight – and get a taste of this beautiful country in your own home. Check out the recipe here!


This Week’s Recipe on Food Freeway: Coconut Chutney

Food Freeway is going tropical this week with an Indo-Fijian treat: Coconut Chutney! You’ll just need a few ingredients, including fresh coconut (yum!), so head over to Wanderlust & Lipstick and get the recipe – it’s time to spice up your dinner!


Fabulous Food in Fiji

This week over at Wanderlust and Lipstick, Fiji is the focus on Food Freeway. This gorgeous country in the South Pacific boasts a ton of fabulous fruits and vegetables and, as expected, a wide variety of seafood. It’s a cuisine that is inspired by its inhabitants, and the combination creates an Indo-Fijian flavour that is […]


New Recipe on Food Freeway: Latvian Piragi!

Food Freeway has ventured over to Latvia this week, and the recipe, for Pīrāgi, is absolutely mouth-watering. Pīrāgi are small, crescent shaped buns stuffed with bacon and sautéed onions – how much better does it get? Head over to Wanderlust and Lipstick to check out the recipe, and if you end up trying it out, […]


New on Food Freeway: the Drool-Worthy Food of Latvia

This week on Food Freeway I’m featuring the food of Latvia. While this beautiful Baltic country is not yet a hot tourist spot, it definitely will be in the near future, as it has so much to offer – especially where its cuisine is concerned. Check out the post over at Wanderlust and Lipstick, and […]