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scones  // Posts tagged as "scones"

Delightful Dingle & a Recipe for Raspberry Scones

“People from the east coast of Canada are more Irish than people from Ireland.” That, my friends, is what an Irishman in a pub in the beautiful little town of Dingle told me. We were chatting about how incredible Ireland is: with its almost unfathomable amount of green, its delicious beer, hearty food, and of […]


More Alice Eats & a Recipe for Curled-Up Treacle Scones

Promises, promises. I said I’d share another Alice Eats recipe with you, and I’m here to deliver! If only I could deliver a batch of these sticky, sweet, swirly scones to you… Here you go: Dormouse’s Curled-Up Treacle Scones. I want these in my belly at all times. They’re full of sweet and sticky goodness, […]


Alice Eats: a New Take on Alice in Wonderland & a Teatime Recipe

What’s your favourite childhood book? Come on, don’t worry, you don’t have to be embarrassed, I promise I won’t tell a soul. I have too many to name, but a few of my most cherished titles are The Little Prince, The Velveteen Rabbit, and James and the Giant Peach. Then, of course, there’s Alice in […]


Late Summer Treats & a Recipe for Blackberry Fig Hand Scones

Oh my goodness you guys, where did the summer go? It feels like it was just yesterday that there was snow on the ground {well, it was snowing yesterday in the mountains}, and now, my calendar {the jerk} tells me that it’s almost October. Do you know what that means? It could snow any day […]


Winery Adventures & an Eat In Eat Out Teaser

Oh, summer. You sure have a way of getting away from me. It’s like one minute I was heading to the Magdalen Islands on an adventure {one that I still can’t wait to share with you!} and the next thing I knew, it was August. It’s been a busy couple of months; C and I […]


An Atlantic Adventure & a Recipe for Rhubarb Drop Scones

Well hi there! I hope you’re well. Things around here have been mighty busy. I’ve given the site a smidgen of a makeover, C and I have been mountain biking like crazy people {I even took my first tumble the other day}, and later this week we’re going on a quick trip to the Atlantic. […]


Valentine’s Day Pressures & a Recipe for Honey-Lavender Scones

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and as I’m sure you know, it’s generally an awkward time for all. There are expectations, obligations, and, well, just a lot of pressure on everyone. Do you go out for dinner? Cook a nice meal in? Do you go with jewelry, or chocolates, or flowers… or all three? Ugh. […]


A Squirrely Problem & a Recipe for Strawberry-Mint Scones

Look at that mint {it’s from one of my pots of herbs}. I’d like to say I grew it from seed, but then I’d be lying {I can’t start lying now, you know too much already}. I had to buy it and plant it in the pot that used to have chives in it {which […]


Rainy Days and Spinach-Chive Cheese Scones

  What an odd year this has been. Winter seemed to hang on with all of its might, desperately trying to make sure that spring wouldn’t make it. In a part of the world where, realistically, we have two seasons (winter for nine months, summer for three), I think that Mother Nature could give us […]


Morning Grumblings and Blackberry Oat Scones

I don’t know what it is about mornings, but right when I wake up, I feel as if I am arising from hibernation. I practically have to pry my eyes open with my fingers. But once the cold air from my window hits me and I register the birds singing in the trees, I wake […]