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Not So New Kid on the Block: Kensington’s Muse Restaurant

It’s a fitting name, Muse, for the restaurant tucked away just off Kensington Road. It’s not a new addition to the Calgary food scene, but it has changed hands recently, and last week I had the chance to check it out. What a place. The décor is unique, with heavy drapes and rich, colourful accents. […]


Local, Seasonal, Delectable: MARKET Calgary

  There’s something to be said about a restaurant whose entire existence is based on a passion for local ingredients, sustainable resources, and, well, damn good food. It’s even more impressive when that passion is more than just a concept, and it becomes a reality. That reality is certainly the case for MARKET, the new […]


A Sip of Perfection: Cococo’s Hot Chocolate

Tis the season for hot cocoa {as I mentioned before, it’s morphed into its own food group at the moment}, and if I’m not making it myself at home {with dark chocolate, steamed milk, and not much else}, I’m rather picky. I mean, it’s not exactly something you should skimp out on, is it? So […]


Holiday Dining at the River Café & a New Online Magazine

It starts to get dark around four in the afternoon now. While it hinders the spirit, without a doubt, the darkness makes way for light – in the form of Christmas lights reflecting on snow, and bonfires adding brightness and warmth to skating rinks. At Calgary’s River Café, located on the picturesque Prince’s Island, the […]