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Lemon  // Posts tagged as "Lemon"

Lemon Love & a Recipe for Chatelaine’s Classic Lemon Loaf

I love me some lemon. It’s just delightful. It’s so fresh, so very full of flavour – it’s so, so good. It brightens up any dish, and brings an unforgettable citrus taste to baked treats. It’s spring, in fruit form. It’s lovely, and especially delightful in a simple lemon loaf, like this one from Chatelaine […]


Lemony Times & a Recipe for Orange Blueberry Muffins

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Okay, not that long, but still… an awful lot can happen in a short time. If you’re up in my neck of the woods, you know that the last few weeks have been tough in Calgary and area. There was widespread flooding that affected countless people and devastated entire […]


A New Addition & a Recipe for Meyer Lemon Bundt Cake

  There’s a new man in my life, and he’s beautiful. He has the tiniest little hands, and the tiniest little feet. His ears are perfect. He’s my newest nephew, W. I am collecting nieces and nephews it seems {or, as C says, I am running an “aunt colony”}, but W is extra special because […]


Summer Hoarding & a Recipe for Berry-Lemon Cobbler with Cornmeal Topping

I’ve been thinking lately {about the summer}; the belly-aches of eating too much fruit, the dehydration from basking in the sun for too long, the collective over-indulgence that could easily be described as “summer hoarding”. It’s not a new thing. Even when I was a kid, my family could see the signs. “Don’t eat too […]


Healthy Drinks & a Recipe for a Lemon-Mint Tea Cocktail

During one of my trips to Vancouver last year, I was chatting with a mixologist who was participating in Tales of the Cocktail {a five day cocktail festival that celebrates the best people and drinks in the business}. His signature drink included a bevy of healthy ingredients {wheatgrass, cilantro, lime juice} and was seriously refreshing. […]


Lazy Days & a Recipe for Lemony Green Pasta

As we get closer to summer and the sun makes itself present in my life a little bit more each day, I get lazier and lazier. Well, sort of. I become a lazy cook. I don’t want to spend hours preparing dinner when I could be out riding my bike. I don’t want to stand […]


Dessert Disasters & a Recipe for Creamy Lemon-Lime Bars

“Never try a new recipe when you’re cooking for a crowd.” I’m sure you’ve heard, said, or thought this before, but do you ever take this handy piece of advice to heart? I sure don’t. I should – and I’ve told many people exactly this on countless occasions, but I’m much too stubborn to actually […]


A New Market & a Recipe for Stewed Berry-Lemon Cobblers

I walked into the market and sighed, taking in the scene around me, so pleased that one of my favourite places in the city opened up another location. On one side, the restaurant: bright, crisp, and clean – less Italian looking than its counterpart, but just as lovely. On the other side, the market: shelves […]


A Springtime Treat & A Recipe for High-Fibre Blueberry Muffins

Winters here can be long and, for lack of a better word, intolerable. While this year has been exceptionally nice, we haven’t completely missed out; we had a cold snap a week or so ago that brought temperatures in the negative thirties {for those of you working in Fahrenheit, it’s roughly the same}. Needless to […]


Citrus, Rosemary-Lavender, and Roasted Garlic Finishing Salts

A sprinkle here, a dash there, a white plate dotted with colourful granules – finishing salts are a beautiful addition to any dish, especially when you make them yourself. Last January I was given some flavoured sea salts from Sea to Sky Seasonings, a mouth-watering array that, naturally, I used as soon as possible. They […]