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Holiday  // Posts tagged as "Holiday"

Channeling Your Inner Cookie Monster & A Holiday Contest

I know, I know. It seems too early to be thinking about the holidays, doesn’t it? But I have a good reason for bringing them up. No, it’s not snow. It’s something delicious. And fun. And exciting. {Drumroll please….} It’s a cookie contest! We over at Eat In, Eat Out want you to share your […]


Valentine’s Day & Raspberry White Chocolate Cupcakes

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day; do you adore or loathe the holiday? Is it a day of happiness or heartbreak, dramatic gestures or tear-soaked tissues? For me, it’s simply an excuse to wear a pretty pink dress, drink some bubbly, and stuff my ruby-hued lips with chocolate and other sweet delights. I think Valentine’s Day is […]


Easing into Resolutions & a Recipe for Black and White Angel Food Cake

Remember that time I was flapping my pie hole about needing a bit of a detox after the holidays? Well… I suppose that time has come. No more eggnog {the rum part is debatable}, candy, or cookies; or gravy, for that matter. It’s almost time to bring on the greens, the big mugs of white […]


Trick or Treat & Some Dusty Old Bones

“Trick or treat?” When I was a kid, I always secretly wanted the person who answered the door when we called out to offer us a trick instead. You know, pull a rabbit out of a hat, a scarf out of a sleeve – to be honest, a “Got your nose!” would have sufficed. But […]


A Brunch Dream and Cranberry Eggnog Braids

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a nice brunch every day? Life would be just thismuch more exciting if we could get together with family and friends every morning to talk, laugh, and prepare for the day ahead. Life would be less stressful, relationships would be stronger, and, of course, the food would be better. […]


Autumn Ponderings and a Pumpkin Walnut Loaf

As soon as the month of October arrives, it’s as if autumn arrives with it. The leaves magically turn yellow and orange, the squirrels outside my window start going crazy with collecting food, and in the morning the trees and grass are wet with dew (or white with frost). Everything also seems just a little […]


She’s Some Kind of Wonderful & Coconut Macaroons

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, the day when we all spend time with our moms and give thanks for all that they’ve done for us. It’s the day when we give them our full attention, instead of the other way around for once, and show them our appreciation for being so downright amazing. I love […]


Celebrating Cinco de Mayo

I miss Mexico. I miss the feeling of hot sand between my toes and warm sunshine beaming down on me – causing my freckles to surface and my hair to turn golden. I miss the vibrant culture and the spirited Latin music. I miss la cocina… Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo – otherwise known as […]


Hot Cross Buns, Hot Cross Buns, One-A-Penny…

While it means many things to many people, Easter, in my eyes, has always been the official start of Spring. It helps if the sunshine makes an appearance, and luckily this year it seems that just might happen. We’re currently going on seven months of winter, so this cheerful holiday is much needed. Of course, […]


Beannachtam na Feile Padraig!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! How are you celebrating this Irish holiday? Why don’t you try making some green beer? This is a great way to be festive, especially if you’re trying to stick to a budget, or don’t have enough time to put together an Irish meal. All you need is: your favourite beer, some […]