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coconut  // Posts tagged as "coconut"

Sweet Treats & a Recipe for Triple Chocolate Cookies

Sometimes, you need chocolate. Sometimes you need cookies. These beauties will take care of both of those things. They’re packed with chocolate, are super-soft, and get their nice texture from a wee bit of coconut and oats. Oh, yes. They’re lovely. Plus, if you share them, you’ll basically be loved by all… because there’s no […]


Family Love & a Recipe for Chocolate Coconut Meringue Cookies

  We had a big family barbecue over the weekend. It was lovely because the whole family was there; well, everyone who lives around here and not in another part of the country. We grilled up some ribs and burgers, feasted on salads, roasted marshmallows over the fire {and turned them into s’mores, of course}, […]


Chocolate Fixes & a Recipe for Trail Mix Cookie Balls

Sometimes you need a little sustenance. More often than not, that sustenance should involve chocolate. Best-case scenario: good quality dark chocolate. Worst-case scenario: chocolate chips. I’ll take either of ‘em, any time, any place. It’s very important {yes, VERY important} to include chocolate in your every day life. It’s crucial for your sanity. Especially when […]


Cookie Addictions & a Recipe for Chocolate Coconut Cookies

  You know when you just really want a cookie and you have kind of a desperate, SOMEONE GIVE ME A PLATE OF COOKIES, ragey-type feeling? No? No cookie rage? Oh, okay, you’re a liar. I suffer from frequent cookie rage {it’s true, ask C}. I demand plates of cookies, bags of cookies, chocolate chip […]


Picnics, Autumn, Italy & a Recipe for Light{ish} Chocolate Chip Cookies

I whisked my friend away to the mountains last week for an impromptu girls’ getaway. Actually, there was less “whisking” and more “driving” but you get the point. I packed us a picnic, which we were to enjoy on top of a mountain after a glorious, sunny hike. There was even wine. This getaway {and […]


Sweet Treats & a Recipe for Chocolate Cupcakes with Vanilla Bean and Toasted Coconut Buttercream

Everyone needs a little sweetness in their life. Whether it’s in the form of good company, a drink on a patio in the sunshine, or, quite literally, a sweet treat; there’s something about these little things – these little gestures that brighten up our lives. I love all forms of sweetness, but most often it […]


Trying New Things and Mango Sticky Rice

I was walking down a Bangkok street one night several years ago when a woman handed me a little green package. I was in try-anything mode, and C encouraged me to try it. He had also had one, along with a little cup of green goo. I’m sure it wasn’t actually green goo, but that’s […]


She’s Some Kind of Wonderful & Coconut Macaroons

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, the day when we all spend time with our moms and give thanks for all that they’ve done for us. It’s the day when we give them our full attention, instead of the other way around for once, and show them our appreciation for being so downright amazing. I love […]


A Las Vegas Wedding and a Last-Minute Cake

My brother went to Vegas last week and got married. It’s not what you think. Elvis was not involved, nor was Mike Tyson, a tiger, or a wolf pack of any sort. It was just him and his then-fiancé. They came home late Saturday night, and my family decided to have a nice barbeque lunch […]


This Week’s Recipe on Food Freeway: Coconut Chutney

Food Freeway is going tropical this week with an Indo-Fijian treat: Coconut Chutney! You’ll just need a few ingredients, including fresh coconut (yum!), so head over to Wanderlust & Lipstick and get the recipe – it’s time to spice up your dinner!