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citrus  // Posts tagged as "citrus"

Lemon Love & a Recipe for Chatelaine’s Classic Lemon Loaf

I love me some lemon. It’s just delightful. It’s so fresh, so very full of flavour – it’s so, so good. It brightens up any dish, and brings an unforgettable citrus taste to baked treats. It’s spring, in fruit form. It’s lovely, and especially delightful in a simple lemon loaf, like this one from Chatelaine […]


A Healthy Boost & a Recipe for Winter Cabbage and Kale Salad

I don’t know what the weather has been like where you are, but here it’s been gross; as in arctic temperatures, tons of snow, and ice covering absolutely everything. It’s the kind of weather that inspires an impromptu move to a tropical island {who’s in?}. It’s also the kind of weather that inspires comfort eating. […]


Lemony Times & a Recipe for Orange Blueberry Muffins

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Okay, not that long, but still… an awful lot can happen in a short time. If you’re up in my neck of the woods, you know that the last few weeks have been tough in Calgary and area. There was widespread flooding that affected countless people and devastated entire […]


Sunny Winter Days & a Recipe for Spelt Berry Salad with Pistachios & Blood Oranges

I’m tired of wearing pants. I know it’s still winter and all, but I’m positive that I’m destined to live my life somewhere hot and sunny. Somewhere that will allow me to forever wear sundresses and sandals, and never have to utter the words “pants” or “closed-toed shoes” because the items are simply unnecessary and […]


Another Year Past & a Recipe for Baby Quinoa Citrus Salad

Whew, what a year. I remember sitting at my favourite pub {we call it the Winchester} a year ago, reflecting and conspiring with C over a pint. What will 2012 hold? I’ll tell you now – we couldn’t have predicted what was to come. It was crazy. It was hectic. It was absurdly overwhelming in […]


Spring Rain & a Recipe for Little Lemon-Blueberry Cakes with Lemon Glaze

I think Calgary is under the impression that it is Vancouver. After the winter that, by Alberta standards, never was, last week we saw an uncharacteristically large amount of water fall from the sky. While daunting {I’m more of a sunshine girl}, the rain was surprisingly calming; it reminded me of the unforgiving tropical storms […]


Dessert Disasters & a Recipe for Creamy Lemon-Lime Bars

“Never try a new recipe when you’re cooking for a crowd.” I’m sure you’ve heard, said, or thought this before, but do you ever take this handy piece of advice to heart? I sure don’t. I should – and I’ve told many people exactly this on countless occasions, but I’m much too stubborn to actually […]


Citrus, Rosemary-Lavender, and Roasted Garlic Finishing Salts

A sprinkle here, a dash there, a white plate dotted with colourful granules – finishing salts are a beautiful addition to any dish, especially when you make them yourself. Last January I was given some flavoured sea salts from Sea to Sky Seasonings, a mouth-watering array that, naturally, I used as soon as possible. They […]


A Healthy Side: Wild Rice and Citrus Salad

As much as I adore this season and all of the deliciousness it has to offer (Pumpkin Pie! Cranberry Upside-Down Cake! Cinnamon buns!), I feel like it’s a bit of a test on the strength of my will power. Don’t get me wrong, I’d happily sit down to an entire Apple Pie (my mom makes […]


Lemony Rotini with Salmon and Tomatoes

It’s not quite autumn yet – it falls on the 23rd this year, and I’m still holding onto the last bit of summer. I know, the leaves have turned yellow, and the air has a crispness that just won’t budge – but I need that date to pass before I can break out the pumpkins […]