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cheese  // Posts tagged as "cheese"

Garden Goodness & a Recipe for Mixed Herb and Cheese Biscuits

It feels so good to finally have a garden. Okay, it’s not so much a garden as a handful of planters on my front step, but it’ll do for now. It’s a good start, too, for a black thumb like me… you know, baby steps. I don’t grow much; a handful of flowers here and […]


Tempting your Taste Buds with Three Days in Kelowna: Day Two

Boy, oh boy. I hope your belly has had a chance to relax from day one in Kelowna, because day two is a busy {and tasty!} one. First up, the Kelowna Farmers’ and Crafters’ Market. I apologize for all of the photos, evidently I went a little camera crazy. It’s hard not to, though, because […]


Winery Adventures & an Eat In Eat Out Teaser

Oh, summer. You sure have a way of getting away from me. It’s like one minute I was heading to the Magdalen Islands on an adventure {one that I still can’t wait to share with you!} and the next thing I knew, it was August. It’s been a busy couple of months; C and I […]


Back to Normal & a Recipe for Caprese-Inspired Linguini

So that day came and went; we visited with family and friends, ate amazing food, and danced until we could dance no longer. Now, it’s back to real life. I’m still getting back into the groove of things, so until life is back to normal, we’re eating simply. There’s no time for frivolous foods – […]


Busy Days & a Recipe for Double Cheese Jalapeno Bread

So that day is coming soon {the one where I wear that beautiful dress}, and things are officially getting hectic. There is not a spare moment to be had {except to bake, of course}. As part of all of the preparation, C and I have been sorting through old photographs, and it seems each picture […]


Eat Alberta: In Pictures

From artisan pasta making to mushroom foraging, the sessions at Edmonton’s Eat Alberta event on April 15th covered just about everything a food-lover could desire. Keep reading for a small recap of the day, photos, and more information on the presenters. KEYNOTE The day began with a talk titled, Life on the Back 40. The […]


A Case of the Mondays & a Recipe for Herbed Cheese Knots

It’s a late-March Monday morning and the sun has not yet come out. There’s a heavy, grey shade ahead, and delicate snowflakes are starting to land on the pine trees outside my window. If all goes as forecasted, there will be a foot or two of the icy flakes blanketing the forest floor by the […]


Un-Brussels Sprouts

Remember back when I was saying how funny it is that as we grow, our tastes for certain foods change? Certain ingredients become appealing over time … whereas others we lose our taste for. Then there’s the third category: the unchanging one. For me, that’s where Brussels sprouts stand. It’s strange, because I love other […]


A Unique Stop: Carmelis Goat Cheese Artisan Inc.

Sitting on the side of one of the steep, rocky hills that surround the Okanagan Lake is a little goat farm. Or maybe it’s a goat playground. I haven’t decided yet. C and I made our way up there after visiting a few Kelowna wineries and spending the day at the beach at Bertram Creek […]


Rainy Days and Spinach-Chive Cheese Scones

  What an odd year this has been. Winter seemed to hang on with all of its might, desperately trying to make sure that spring wouldn’t make it. In a part of the world where, realistically, we have two seasons (winter for nine months, summer for three), I think that Mother Nature could give us […]