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Calgary  // Posts tagged as "Calgary"

Big Boots & a Collaborative Brew Day

In 2014, the Pink Boots Society started up International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day, also known as Big Boots Brew Day, in support of women in the brewing industry. Haven’t heard of it? Don’t worry, you will. In its second year, the amount of women and breweries participating grew exponentially. One can only imagine how it […]


Happy Birthday Bar C & Cocktails for Charity Week

It’s Bar C’s second birthday, and that means celebrating, cocktails, and, of course, giving back to the community. Starting today, October 21st, and going until Sunday, October 26th, is Cocktails for Charity at the CRMR-owned spot. They will, of course, have their regular food and drink menu, but they’ll also have a special menu with […]


Anju is Back, Calgary & It’s Better than Ever

So, Anju has reopened {cue dramatic inhalation, followed by even more dramatic hollers of joy, popping of Champagne, and perhaps the odd firework or two}. The original northeast location of the Calgary favourite, run by the über-talented Roy Oh, closed up in 2013 with plans to become bigger and better in its new, trendy 17th […]


A California Love Story & Lunch with Joel Peterson of Ravenswood Wine

Oh, California, how I love you. I love your laid-back way of life, your beautiful coast, and all of that fresh, delicious food you’ve got goin’ on {get in my belly!}. Also, the wine. Of course, the wine! Cali, my love, you boast some of the tastiest new world wine out there, and it’s a […]


Mission’s New Pizza Joint: Bocce

Right. Because all this city needed was another pizza joint. Seriously. No sarcasm {for once}. I know there’s a ton of ‘em, and everyone has their favourite, but there’s absolutely no harm in tossing another venue into the ring. After all, it’s just more pizza for our bellies, and another restaurant to go to and […]


Noodle-Lover’s Nosh: Goro + Gun

Calling all Calgary ramen lovers! There’s good news for all you noodle-fiends, in the form of Goro + Gun – a gorgeous new Japanese noodle bar located in downtown’s Scotia Centre. The menu isn’t vast, but there’s more than enough selection to satisfy anyone’s cravings. Ramen, sushi {this place has turned me into an unapologetic […]


A Beautiful Retreat & Competition For a Cause

  While Friday, April 11th was certainly not a lovely spring day {wind, snow, and sleet, oh my!} here in Calgary, the Opal Room Signature Tasting Series at Priddis’ Azuridge Estate Hotel certainly provided refuge from the cold in the form of unforgettable bites and cocktails. The event, created in the hopes of finding the […]


One Year Later & a Happy Birthday to MARKET Calgary

Can you believe it’s been a year since Calgary’s MARKET restaurant opened? In some ways, it feels like the 17th Avenue staple has been open for just a few months {it still has that crisp, fresh appeal to it}, while in other ways I can’t help but think it’s been around for ages. I suppose […]


From Flood to WURST & the Reopening of a Calgary Favourite

It’s been seven months since the flood in Calgary, and Mission’s WURST Überkitchen and Wunderbar {previously known as WURST German Restaurant and Beerhall} is better than ever. In fact, you wouldn’t even know that the restaurant had been devastated, closed, and nearly completely rebuilt over the past six months. Chris Rosamond, General Manager, chose to […]


So Long 2013, Hello to the New Year

  My, oh, my. 2013 was quite the year, wasn’t it? I feel like most people I’ve spoken to have a “good riddance” type attitude toward it passing by, while just a few have said it was a great one. Regardless of where you stand, 2013 is behind us, and a new year is here, […]